Monday, July 21, 2008

Mamma Mia!

I'm so excited to go see this movie! My friends and I are celebrating tonight because I finished my summer make-up work today! FINALLY it's done!!!! It's so relieving to be done with something like that. It's one of those things that just haunts you until you get it totally completed. Not like a messy room where you can kind of continuously clean it because there's no due date. With homework though, there's a time limit and the closer you get to it, the more anxious life becomes! Anyways, I've gotta shimmy off now (I'm in a cheery mood, sorry for the cheesiness).
xoxo ciao for now!!
~Elana Joy

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sweetest Girl

Money. It seems like people will do almost anything for it now a days. I just got back from babysitting in the hills. Where I live, the people who reside in the hills are the ones who've got a lot of money SOMEWHERE in there family. It's expensive to live here, living in the hills costs even more. Houses up there go for millions of dollars, babysitting rates are high...if you get yourself clients up there, you've got yourself some good spending money for a couple of weeks. Sometimes, I'm really jealous of people who have enough money to live comfortably and then some. Other times I wonder if our society today relies too much on money. Think about it, what would you do if you didn't have money for a week? It only gets us so far...

ciao for now
Elana Joy

Monday, July 14, 2008

Empty Spaces

The reason I haven't written for five days isn't because I forgot about this blog. I've thought about it every day and wondered if anybody's read it. Of course when I signed on this evening I saw no comments and figured nobody had read it. I'm not giving up though, I want to tell the everybody and nobody that read this about my life. What I'm really thinking about lately is love.
I think that I'm afraid to love. I mean, I love my friends and I love my mom, secretly I even love my father. That's a different story though. The love I'm talking about is different though. My boyfriend, Ryan, and I are so different. He's one of the sweetest guys I've ever met though. I thought our differences didn't compliment eachother. To be honest, I was going to break up with him...but I couldn't. I realized that I just like him too much and I want to let him teach me how to trust. I can't even explain how I feel about him. I'm really frustrated though because he's enlisting in the Marines in October. I want to trust him, but it's hard when I know that he'll just be leaving me. I don't want to get hurt.
More tomorrow...I'm tired.
~Elana Joy

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Beginnings

Fact: My name is Elana Joy
Fiction: Joy is part of my first name
Fact: I live in California
Fiction: My life is like what you see on Laguna Beach and Newport Harbor or whatever those shows are called.
Fact: I have five best friends
Fact: I love my life...
Fact: ...sometimes

Hello world, prepare yourselves because as soon as you start reading this blog you'll be setting yourself up for a fabulous adventure. won't really be going on the adventure first hand, but you'll get to read about it! Kinda the same thing, right? Anyways, I never really know how to start out things like this. You already know my name is Elana Joy, what else is there? My age: 16, going on 17...but I rarely act it. I love to write and sometimes when I'm walking I narrate my life. That probably sounds kind of ridiculous, but I can' t help it! You know what's worse about it? Sometimes when I'm narrating my life in my head, I find myself thinking in a British accent. I've never even been to England before! I have no idea where it comes from. My boyfriend, Ryan, often talks in a British accent but only because he knows how much I love it! That's a whole nother topic, Ryan. You'll probably be reading an entry about our break up in a few days, sad I know, but it's just not working and both of us know it. I'll keep you all updated! Maybe you'll hear from me again later this evening.
ciao for now!!
~Elana Joy