Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Beginnings

Fact: My name is Elana Joy
Fiction: Joy is part of my first name
Fact: I live in California
Fiction: My life is like what you see on Laguna Beach and Newport Harbor or whatever those shows are called.
Fact: I have five best friends
Fact: I love my life...
Fact: ...sometimes

Hello world, prepare yourselves because as soon as you start reading this blog you'll be setting yourself up for a fabulous adventure. won't really be going on the adventure first hand, but you'll get to read about it! Kinda the same thing, right? Anyways, I never really know how to start out things like this. You already know my name is Elana Joy, what else is there? My age: 16, going on 17...but I rarely act it. I love to write and sometimes when I'm walking I narrate my life. That probably sounds kind of ridiculous, but I can' t help it! You know what's worse about it? Sometimes when I'm narrating my life in my head, I find myself thinking in a British accent. I've never even been to England before! I have no idea where it comes from. My boyfriend, Ryan, often talks in a British accent but only because he knows how much I love it! That's a whole nother topic, Ryan. You'll probably be reading an entry about our break up in a few days, sad I know, but it's just not working and both of us know it. I'll keep you all updated! Maybe you'll hear from me again later this evening.
ciao for now!!
~Elana Joy

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